One of the strongest marketing strategies advocates that you must “know” the culture of your market before building your brand strategy. This, I believe, can be a very robust strategy when it comes to compliance too. Spend time in getting to “know” the culture of your organization before providing it with a standardized compliance toolkit. One size never fits all.Priyanka Goswami

Ethics, Compliance & Anti-Corruption

The stringent application of anti-corruption laws globally, including under the U.S. FCPA, the UK Bribery Act and India’s Prevention of Corruption Act, means that businesses in India, particularly multinational corporations must ensure strict compliance to Indian and foreign laws with protocols that detect exposure and mitigate risks, both financial and reputational.

At Quad Law, we provide proactive due diligence for anti-corruption and bribery risks, raise red flags when practices appear non-compliant, conduct internal investigations, handle whistleblower complaints and help establish codes of conduct, internal processes, policies and anti-bribery toolkits that comply with the highest international standards. We conduct training programs to help our clients understand changing policies and applicable law and also represent them before regulatory and enforcement authorities when required.

We are the India Partner Firm of TRACE, a globally recognized anti-bribery business organization. TRACE Partner Firms are considered in-country experts on anti-bribery compliance and provide TRACE members with local law summaries and gifts and hospitality guidelines.

Companies must not be afraid to play the long game when it comes to compliance. An investment now would certainly bring big returns in the future. Once you ensure creation of a culture of compliance and condition your people to its taste, you imprint the flavor. Compliance must become the way of a life and not remain merely a rule to be followed.

Priyanka Goswami

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